Studio Pets: Their Impact on Our Hearts and Creativity
Before July 15th I had two English Bulldogs—both the best dogs I’ve ever had. Brijett is 12 years old and one of the toughest (and most strong-willed) dogs I’ve owned. She’s not much of a cuddler, enjoys time alone, is...
Walk Through The Garden: Creating the Secret Garden Collection
On August 3rd I am launching a new collection I've named 'Secret Garden'. It's inspired by my own garden and the flowers that are endlessly blooming on a daily basis. I've been in the process of painting the collection since...
No One Ever Told Me: A Depiction of The Journey Through Grief.
"No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear. I am not afraid, but the sensation is like being afraid. The same fluttering in the stomach, the same restlessness, the yawning. I keep on swallowing. At times...
30 in 30: Challenging Myself as an Artist
You know you've completely lost it when you choose to do a 30-day challenge amid a studio move! I know, I must be nuts 😂 , but I couldn't be more excited to paint 30 little paintings in 30 days!...
Framing Ideas: How To Display Art on Paper
A resource to help you pick which frame is best for your painting on paper.
A Year of Painting and New Collection
A year filled with lessons on simplicity and contentment.
The Stories Behind Saturday Pancakes
Saturday pancakes have become a tradition in my house. It’s something we look forward to every week. It’s become a time where we have some of the most joy-filled, thought-provoking conversations. I think it’s a mixture of it being the...
Story Behind The Painting: To Stand Where The Wildflowers Dance
The story and inspiration behind this vibrant and whimsical artwork.
Escape: Stories Behind The Collection
This collection is special to me because each painting was created from true memories of places in my personal life. The thing I love about nature, however, it's so relatable. Although these paintings were born from my experiences, I carefully...
The Escape Collection
Escape is a collection inspired by nature and the great outdoors. It's an ode to the places we escape to when we need to refuel, re-center, and relax. These places offer a sense of comfort and inspiration when we need...
December Commissions and Taking a Risk
Long story short, I scrapped a painting and started from scratch the day before my deadline. I talk about how it all unfolded in this post.
Moment of thankfulness
I stumbled upon a journal entry of mine from 4 years ago. I was struggling with feeling restless in my creative journey, making me feel hopeless and without purpose. I remember crying on the living room couch while writing in...
BEHIND THE PAINTING | Slow Dancing In The Storm

What would you feel standing in front of the ocean during a storm? "Slow Dancing in The Storm," is a painting inspired by a moment like this.



BEHIND THE PAINTING | It's All Coming Together
In the moment, sometimes our life can feel messy and chaotic. As time goes by, however, we look back and see that things have somehow come together.  "It's All Coming Together" was inspired by that moment of insight when we...
I'm sure we all can say we've changed our plans in life, whether willfully or out of necessity. "Change of Plans" is an ode to the moments we find ourselves needing or wanting to make changes in our life.
Since moving to the south several years ago, I've realized just how important of a role water has played in my life. Even more so, my creative journey. The south has its share of rivers and lakes, but it's not...
What I've Been Searching For
Ever since I could remember, I've had the most unusual dreams about colors I've never seen and shapes I didn't know my brain could create. Over the years, I've used several forms of creative mediums to communicate what I saw whenever I closed my eyes. While searching for this outlet, my soul was seeking; this is the journey it led me on.