30 in 30: Challenging Myself as an Artist

30 in 30: Challenging Myself as an Artist

You know you've completely lost it when you choose to do a 30-day challenge amid a studio move! I know, I must be nuts 😂 , but I couldn't be more excited to paint 30 little paintings in 30 days! I've wanted to do a challenge like this all year! So, although this sounds like a daunting task--I am at the edge of my seat, overflowing with excitement.

Challenges like "30 Paintings in 30 Days" allow me to grow as an artist while creating a collaborative environment—an environment where my collectors and followers are participants in my artistic journey. Whenever I start a painting, I ask myself what I want to paint. With this challenge, however, I ask you what YOU want me to paint. This direction from you allows me to flex my creative muscles by using colors or painting subjects I wouldn't typically paint.


What I hope to gain from this challenge:

1.) Growth. Overcoming challenges is what helps us evolve in our talents. At the end of day 30, I hope to be a stronger artist with a renewed love for art and life.

2.) Focus. I typically have several projects going at one time. Throughout November, I hope to learn the power of focus--directing my time and attention on one thing at a time. I foresee this being a challenge for me, but one I look forward to overcoming.

3.) Rest. I am entering a very hectic season in my personal life (moving). This challenge will allow me to tackle one small thing per day, creating a margin in my life to focus on other essential tasks. One small painting a day seems less daunting than creating a collection of several big paintings.

4.) Joy. Experimenting with color and texture brings me so much excitement! So, I have high hopes this challenge will make me feel alive and brimming with joy.


How I've prepared:

1.) Asked for input. I've asked my social media followers what they want to see me paint. I wanted to make sure the ideas came from them and not me. These ideas helped me compile a list of prompts that'll get me through November.

2.) Created a plan. You know me; I love a good plan. I took the feedback from social media and planned what I would be painting every day. I practiced by painting thumbnail paintings-- to solidify color palettes and composition. The work upfront eliminates stress during the whole challenge process.


Things I am committed to during this challenge:

1.) Little to no waste. No colors will be wasted after each painting is finished. All leftover paint will be used to create abstract pieces. I know you all LOVE abstracts!

2.) Have tons of fun. Some people may see this challenge as daunting, but I choose to see it as fun! I am committed to having fun and allowing my inner creativity to run wild!

3.) Experiment. I want to step outside my normal process by pushing myself to experiment with unexpected colors and textures. Hopefully, I can discover things that I can implement for later use.

4.) Honesty. I know this challenge won't always be rainbows and unicorns. I am committed to honestly speaking about my journey throughout the entire 30 days. You will hear both the good and the bad!


The details:

1.) Size. Most paintings will be anywhere from 4 x 6 inches to 8 x 10 inches.
2.) Medium. Paintings will be a mixture of oil and soft pastel--individually and combined.
3.) Surface. I have both handmade paper (primed) and artist paper made for oil painting that I will be using. Because of the move, it's easier for me to paint on paper than canvas. Be on the lookout for a collection on stretched canvas at the beginning of 2021.
4.) Pricing. The smallest painting will be $54, and the largest painting will be $160.
5.) Shipping. I will ship soft pastel paintings once a week. For oil paintings, it will be on a case by case basis. I will send email updates on when your oil painting is dry to touch and ready to be shipped--this could take up to 2 weeks after purchase.

I am so excited, everyone!!! I can't wait to take you on a colorful adventure this month. There will be so many beautiful colors, paintings, and stories to enjoy, and I hope you'll follow along the entire time!

If you aren't already following me on Instagram, be sure to do that! I'll post my daily paintings there, along with daily inspiration and encouragement. Follow @razlynlysaught.

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