A Year of Painting and New Collection

A Year of Painting and New Collection

I can hardly believe it's been almost a year since I embarked on my journey as a full-time artist. It's been a year of self-discovery, exploration, experimenting, and unfathomable joy. I've been stretched and challenged in all the best ways. I've learned, laughed, cried, and grown. 

I've kept grateful, curious, expectant, and hopeful. I've been able to let my dreams run wild throughout this year, which has allowed me to create things I never thought possible. Where I am today and how my work has evolved is a reminder of the power held within the process.  

Razlyn Lysaught is an oil painter in Nashville TN

Here are just a few of my favorite moments from this past year:

  • After months of painting, I launched my professional artist website in November 2019. Since its inception, I've received nothing but love and encouragement from everyone I know—Even people I didn't think would support my artistic journey. For that, I am eternally grateful.
  • I sold my first painting to my sister. To know that my sister has the first painting I ever created is something I will always treasure. I love that this is a part of my story! 
Razlyn Lysaught first painting sold
  • A new collector hired me for my first commission in December 2019. It was a 6-piece commission with a tight deadline, but I was up for the challenge! Seeing these paintings given as Christmas gifts was worth all the tears I cried while painting them. I cried happy tears when my collector sent me a picture of everyone holding the Christmas gifts I painted for them.
  • After my first commission, other collectors hired me for more commissions. If I could count the many times I thought or said, "No one will ever want to buy my art," you would know just how monumental these commissions were for me. When I started seeing people hang my art in their home, I couldn't quite grasp it. This dream of mine seemed more real by the day, yet still surreal in so many ways.
  • I taught myself to oil paint. I knew I wanted to oil paint from day one, but it was something that felt so daunting and out of reach. I'm glad I dared to try because I've been painting with oils exclusively ever since.   
Razlyn Lysaught is an oil painter in Nashville TN
    • Launched my first official collection in March 2020 and sold 40% of those paintings. That doesn't sound like many paintings sold, but they say first collections typically sell 25% (which is at the high end). So, this felt like a massive win for me. 
    • Finished my first OFFICIAL oil painting in April 2020, 'To Stand Where The Wildflowers Dance.' I still can't believe my first oil painting was 30 x 40 inches. Go big or go home, right? This painting sold almost immediately after posting to my website, to a childhood penpal of mine. We were penpals when we were ten or so! She found me on Facebook in late 2018, and we've been in touch ever since. I couldn't have dreamt of a better person to own my first oil painting.   
    Razlyn Lysaught Oil painting - To Stand Where The Wildflowers Dance
    • COVID. Well, this changed a lot for many artists. I scaled back the size of my paintings, preparing for a hit in sales. I used to paint big, but during COVID, I started experimenting with smaller paintings and works on handmade paper. This pivot in how I paint has been a game-changer for me, as I've fallen in love with smaller pieces and am excited to see where this leads my art practice. 
    Razlyn Lysaught is an oil painter in Nashville TN
    • I shipped my first international painting in May 2020. Honestly, I never thought this would happen! What a feeling!
    • I painted and sold my first landscape painting in May 2020. I started becoming more intentional about what I painted. I noticed how much these landscapes filled my heart with joy and energized me creatively. My biggest advice to any artist would be to paint what you love.
    • Because of the high volume of previous sales, I was able to relax, regroup, and dream about the future of my painting career all summer. I still painted almost daily, but without the pressure of posting paintings to my website. The free time enabled me to experiment and plan the next year while still running my business financially. 

    None of the above would have been possible without the continual love and support I've received from so many of you! I consider myself beyond blessed to live my dreams and be allowed to improve my skill continually. 

    In the spirit of commemorating everything I've experienced this past year, I wanted to create a collection that held deep meaning for me. It's something I've worked on, off and on, since November 2019. It's a collection that first started as a photo series seven years ago. During that time of my life, I needed a creative outlet to get me through a challenging season in my previous career. So, I started photographing sunrises, sunsets, and landscapes for fun. Long story short, these daily photographs grew into something much bigger than anticipated. I went from taking photos and posting them to my blog during my lunch break to becoming a full-time photographer. 

    When I first started painting, I knew I wanted to continue this photo collection in painting form. I initially started the process in November of 2019. I finished several paintings; however, what I created didn't feel right. I ended up painting over those paintings and placing this collection on the shelf until the idea felt more cohesive. 

    Well, I'm happy to say all the pieces of this collection have fallen perfectly together, and it feels like the right time to share this collection with the world!

    Through this collection, I want to celebrate the collision of two worlds I've lived in during my creative journey—photography and painting. When I started painting, I honestly had no clue how my previous work in photography would compliment my painting career. One year later, I can say photography has been a crucial part of this chapter. My photography work has directly impacted what I paint and how I paint. The skill of photography has helped me tremendously with the day to day operations of my art business. I couldn't piece the puzzle together at first, but now I see all the pieces of my life and previous experiences coming together. 

    So, without further ado, I want to introduce my newest collection I've named "Chasing Light." It's the original name of the photo series I started in 2013. It's a series that has brought healing, comfort, growth, and adventure in my life since I started it. I've turned my most favorite landscapes from my previous photo series into monochromatic oil paintings. I chose the colors from this collection based on the colors I've naturally gravitated towards this entire year. They are also colors that exude peace, tranquility, joy, and harmony. 

    Razlyn Lysaught is an oil painter in Nashville TN


    The simplicity of these oil paintings shows that simple is enough—a lesson I've learned throughout this entire year of painting. As an artist and lifelong creative, I always thought more was best, and simple was boring. Throughout this year, however, I've realized the opposite is true in so many ways. Learning this concept of simplicity has forever changed my art. Once I learned to peel back the layers of my work and simplify my vision, I loved and appreciated my art that much more. My paintings finally felt like a place to rest my eyes. This collection is an ode to those lessons in contentment and simplicity. 

    I hope the journey it's taken to create these paintings brings you joy and peace. Every time you walk passed these paintings in your home, I hope they inspire you to take a deep breath —filling your lungs with gratitude for where life has you and all life has given. 





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      What a story! So many twists and turns along the way coupled with great success!

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