Slow Dancing in The Storm is an Abstract Painting by Razlyn Lysaught

BEHIND THE PAINTING | Slow Dancing In The Storm

"Slow Dancing In The Storm" is a painting inspired by an experience I had standing in front of the ocean. During that time, an unexpected storm hit, and the blue sky quickly turned to dark navy and grey. I had never experienced the sea so intense and seemingly violent, it was both a haunting and spiritual experience. Oddly enough, despite the circumstances, I wasn't afraid. I felt my spirit take flight and fearlessly dance along the shoreline of the raging sea. It felt like a dance that respected the strength and unpredictability of nature while simultaneously flowing delicately with wild abandon.

This painting was created from the deep yearning within us to feel free and unrestrained, even when the storms of life make things feel confined. It's the delicate dance of respecting what is and what must be while permitting ourselves to dream of what could be.

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