The Escape Collection

The Escape Collection

Escape - An Abstract Collection by Razlyn Lysaught

Escape is a collection inspired by nature and the great outdoors. It's an ode to the places we escape to when we need to refuel, re-center, and relax. These places offer a sense of comfort and inspiration when we need it the most.

Each painting from this collection was purposefully textured and created with a lyrical sense of movement. I wanted to capture the romance of nature--its gentle breeze, alluring colors, poetic sounds, and rhythmical movement. In pictures, nature seems to stand still in time. In-person, however, it dances. From swaying trees and gliding clouds to rushing rivers and the roaring ocean--nature has a way of romancing our hearts and bringing us to tears or silence.

Escape is an Abstract Collection by Razlyn Lysaught

I wanted each piece to encapsulate the feelings we have when nature stares back at us—feelings of peace, joy, relief, and excitement. I hope when you look at this collection it makes you feel just that. 

- Razlyn 

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