About Razlyn

Razlyn Lysaught is a multidisciplinary artist whose art is rooted in her fascination with color and texture.


My work reflects my fascination with the psychology and interaction of color; how certain combinations stimulate thoughts, appetites, and provoke emotion. 
Through intentional color usage, I hope to ignite a curiosity within that leads you to explore and discover new things in life. I hope the tranquil dance of movement and color across the canvas compels you to introspect as you find your place and story within the landscape of the painting.

Razlyn Lysaught is an Oil Painter in Pennsylvania.
Razlyn Lysaught is an Oil Painter in Pennsylvania.
Razlyn Lysaught is an Oil Painter in Pennsylvania.


The foundation of my creative journey was set by makeup artistry. At a very young age, I dreamt of becoming a makeup artist. I wanted to move to New York City, work for a fashion magazine, and create makeup looks for their editorials. Although I never moved to the Big City, I did fulfill my dream of becoming a makeup artist. I loved the glamor of the cosmetics industry and how fast-paced it felt. Once I fulfilled this dream, however, I realized it only scratched the surface of a much bigger dream--becoming a full-time studio artist.

I am thankful for my many years in the cosmetics industry because it taught me so much about color, texture, creativity, and composition. A lot of what I learned while working as a makeup artist, has helped tremendously in my studio practice. Especially my love for color and experimenting with different mediums.

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